Membership Categories:*

Regular:   Entitled to operate any Club ship that she/he is qualified to fly.

Associate: No rental or ownership of property within 125 road miles of Steamboat Springs. Entitled to all benefits and privileges of a regular member.

Student:  Must be enrolled full-time at an accredited high school or college. Dues only apply to flying months, May-October.  Entitled to operate and or pilot any Club ship that she/he is qualified to fly.

Student Pilot: Does not own an flight certificate, expired or otherwise. Entitled to operate only the Club’s two-place trainer.

Transition Pilot:  Owns a pilot certificate and is pursuing a glider add-on or a ground launch endorsement. Entitled to operate only the two-place trainer.

Special:  Own a self-launching glider and are a member of SSA. Entitled to operate out of the Airfield but not use the winch or other SSSA equipment. 

Flight and Launch Charges:
Grob 102:  $40/hour, 1 hr minimum. After 1 hr prorated @ $40/hr. 
L-23 Super Blanik:  $50/hour, 1 hr minimum. After 1 hr prorated @ $50/hr.
Winch launches: Members: $10/snap. 

*Note: For insurance purposes you must be a member of both Steamboat Springs Soaring Association (SSSA) and the Soaring Society of America (SSA) to operate a glider out of our field.

Initiation Fees and Dues According to Membership Category

                                          Initiation Fee         Monthly dues     Must Pay own SSA Dues
Regular Member                      $500                    $50                    No                    
Student Member                      $200                    $25*                  Yes                      
Associate Member                  $175                    $50*                  Yes 
Student Pilot                             $500                    $25                    No
Transition Pilot                         $350                    $25                    No
Special                                        none                    none                 Yes

*Dues only required for flying months of May-October